Victory Creations, India, is a Mumbai based company importing and dealing in all types of stock lots of paper rolls & sheets from all over the world.

We buy & sell all kinds of stock lots, excess inventories, spot lots, in roll form, sheets & in bales.

Our areas of expertise lie in Waste Paper , Excess Inventors in the form of rolls , sheets ,and bales. We are also one of the major Indentors of Stocklots of Paper and Waste Paper in India .

As one of the path breaking pioneers in this business we specialise in recycling Paper Rolls and Paper Waste and provide solutions for the disposal and recycling of all types of Paper Rolls , Film and Foil in rolls and all grades of Waste Paper.

We at Victory Creations are not just about paper from all over the world . We're also about recycling our Earth's resources and conserving nature.We strongly believe in the words of the forefathers : ' BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE '

Devang Vora, founder of Victory Creations is a veteran in the field of paper/waste paper. He is amongst the first who imported paper in container loads almost 35 years ago. Backed by a 100 year old business background and reputation he has taken the name of Victory to all parts of the world. Ably supported by the young and dynamic Hrishikesh Vora, who has brought in fresh enthusiasm and contemporary methods to the business. An ancestral bloodline of international trading has taken the business to great heights.

Both these directors are constantly moving across continents to maintain existing contacts & find new ones.

As a result, we have extremely good, long term contacts & relationships with some of the top European & U.S. based suppliers. This enables us to supply continuous and consistent qualities of paper to our buyers. We enjoy the trust and respect of the paper industry in India and the world.

In this ever fast moving world we know that relations play a very important factor in building bridges across the continents. We believe in taking care of both our foreign suppliers & of our clients at home & believe that we are able to build a mutually satisfying business relationship between our foreign suppliers and our established client base across India.

Therefore, we are also able to assure our suppliers and buyers a steady supply of certain special and difficult grades of paper.

Over and above this, we are always on the lookout for new suppliers and new items. We pride ourselves on being able to provide long term disposal and procurement solutions to the paper industry.

412 Lotus house, 4th floor,
33A New Marine Lines. Mumbai 400020

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